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Tech Wear LEQ-43-5XL ESD-Safe EconoShield Coat - 5X-Large- Blue

Tech Wear LEQ-43-5XL ESD-Safe EconoShield Coat - 5X-Large-  Blue

Our most popular lab coat. Our most popular lab coat. Tech Wear's Econo$hieldTM lab coat offers cost effective static control protection during assembly, handling and packaging procedures. This mid-length coat falls between the shorter-length jackets and longer-length coats. Features three roomy patch pockets, snap-adjustable sleeves and color-matched. front-closure snaps.

Tech Wear LEQ-43 Features
• ESD-Safe
• Lightweight
• Durable polyester fabric
• 3 Patch pockets: 2 hip pockets, 1 chest pocket
• Snap-adjustable sleeves
• Matching fabric covered snaps
• Mid-Length
•Traditonal style with collar and lapels
• Custom emboidered logos and patches available

ECX-500 Econo$hield Specifications:
• Fabric Weight: 3 oz. per sq. yard
• Fabric Content: 98% Polyester, 2% Conductive Fibers
• Surface Resistivity: 106 ohms/sq.
• Static Decay: 5000v to 500 in less than 0.1 second

Econo$hield LEQ-43-5XL:
• Size: 5X-Large (Unisex)
• Fabric Weight: Light
• Color: Diamond Blue
• Length: 34"
• Sleeve Length: 39"
• Chest Size: 62-64
• Style: Traditional
• Collar Type: Lapel
• Cuff Style: No Cuff

Embroidered Logos or patches are available upon request. Contact Concorde for details.

Price $39.40