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Tronex Tools - What are the different cutting edge options?

Semi-Flush Cuting Edges:
Semi-Flush cuts feature a small bevel edge and are typically used in industrial settings to cut thicker wire and leads. Semi-flush edges will leave "pinch" in the middle of the cut on the end of the material being cut. Tools with the Semi-Flush Cutting Edges will be the most resilient to dulling.

Flush Cutting Edges:
Flush cutting edges feature a very thin bevel edge that leaves only an exceptionally small "pinch" in the middle of the end of the material being cut. Flush edges are used in a wide range of electronics manufacturing applications. Flush-cutting tools are moderately resilient to dulling.

Razor-Flush® Cutting Edges: This type of cutting edge features no bevel. The tool has an exceptionally sharp edge which produces cuts leaving virtually no raised surface or "pinch" on the end of the wire. Razor-Flush® edge cutters are typically used when the highest level of precision is required for small and/or very fine components. This type of cutter will dull the fastest.

ESD-Safe Cushion Grip Handles:
Double cushion grips. These comfortable grips have a non-slip, suede-like surface and are made from static-dissipation material which is ESD safe.
Protective cap. All tools include a rubber cap to protect the tips, prevent possible operator injury and keep out moisture.
Handle Options. There are two handle options. Standard and Longer-Length Ergonomic. Model numbers which start with a “5” have standard handles (5-inch OAL) with a handle length of 2.5 inches. Model numbers which start with a “7” have longer, ergonomic handles with a handle length of 3.5 inches (7-inch OAL).