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Tronex Precision Pliers

Tronex Precision Pliers Electronics Jewelry Making Medical Device Manufacturing

Tronex pliers are designed for precision work. Because pliers have so many different uses, rather than take a one-size-fits-all approach, it’s best to have a variety of pliers so you can select the best pair for your current need. To ensure that you’ll always have the right tool for the job, Tronex pliers come in a variety of handle and tip combinations to cover most all possible uses.

ESD-Safe Cushion Grip Handles

Tronex pliers come in two handle lengths, standard and long ergonomic. The standard handle is lighter in weight if you plan on extended use. The standard handle is also the more popular of the two. The extra length of the long ergonomic handle gives you more leverage and gripping power. If you have larger hands, you might find the ergonomic handle more comfortable.

Double cushion grips. These comfortable grips have a non-slip, suede-like surface and are made from static-dissipation material which is ESD safe.
Protective cap. All tools include a rubber cap to protect the tips, prevent possible operator injury and keep out moisture.
Handle Options. There are two handle options. Standard and Longer-Length Ergonomic. Model numbers which start with a “5” have standard handles (5-inch OAL) with a handle length of 2.5 inches. Model numbers which start with a “7” have longer, ergonomic handles with a handle length of 3.5 inches (7-inch OAL).