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Xuron 2175A Maxi-Shear Full Flush Cutter - 5-3/4

Xuron 2175A Maxi-Shear Full Flush Cutter - 5-3/4

Industrial & Electronics Applications
A full flush cutting version of our Model 2175 for cutting very soft materials. Lightly beveled cutting edges allow for minimal blade by-pass ensuring the finest flush cut possible. An excellent choice for plastics de-gating and sprue cutting applications. Glare eliminating black finish and ergonomically shaped Xuro-Rubber™ grips. Cuts soft wire 30-14 awg.

• Tool has cutting edges that by-pass, like blades on a scissor, producing a precise, shear cut with less pressure on the component.

Suggested Applications:
• Electronics
• Plastics De-Gating

• Electronic Lead Wire
• Copper Wire
• Plastic Cable Ties
• Plastic (de-gating)

Shipping Options: 1-6 pcs. (select USPS or UPS shipping). 6 or more pcs. (select UPS) . In order to fit multiple pieces into one box for shipment via USPS, we may have to remove the outer packaging of the tool.

Price $19.30