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Xuron 410T High Precision Shears

Xuron 410T High Precision Shears

The ultra sharp precision tips and an extra thin tip profile. provides the ultimate in maneuverability and operator control. Easily reach into difficult to access areas where other tools cannot even enter. Maximum cutting capacity is 22 AWG (0.64mm) soft wire.

• Extra tapered tip
• Ideal for SMD or high density areas..
• Ideal for plastic sprue cutting and general hobby/craft wire work.
• Cutter head is extra tapered for better access into extremely restricted spaces.
• Rated for cutting soft wire 30-22 AWG

Suggested Applications
• Electronics
• Wire Weaving
• Plastics De-Gating
• Plastic Kit Modeling
• Model Railroading
• General Hobbies And Crafts
• Bead Stringing

• Silver Wire
• Plastic Sprue
• Plastic (de-gating)
• Gold Wire
• Craft Wire
• Copper Wire
• Bead Wire
• Monofilament

Shipping Options: 1-6 pcs. (select USPS or UPS shipping). 6 or more pcs. (select UPS) . In order to fit multiple pieces into one box for shipment via USPS, we may have to remove the outer packaging of the tool.

Price $9.70