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Xuron 450-AS 5" Precison Tweezer-Nose Pliers with ESD-Safe Grips

Xuron 450-AS 5

450AS-Tweezer Nose™­ Plier with ESD Safe Hand Grips

An ultra-precise needlenose plier capable of grasping and holding wire less than 1 mil thick with the strength for wire forming. Strong and durable with precison tip alignment and radiused edges to protect wire.

• Very fine, precise "tweezer" like tips will handle the most delicate parts but are strong enough for forming and bending operations.
• Plier blades are smooth (no serrations) so they will not mark or damage your wire.
• Durable high carbon steel
• Length: 5"
• Ergonomic non-slip ESD-Safe Xuro rubber grips
• Lightweight
• Extra slim profile
• Spring return
• Anti glare finish for close work

Suggested Applications:
• Wire Harness Manufacturing
• Telecommunications
• Electronics
Special Features:
Static Control Grips
Wire size

Price $12.55