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Tronex 5075G ESD-Safe Miniature 50° Angulated SMT Cutter Extra Sharp Razor-Flush Cut Rubber Grips 38-22 AWG

Tronex 5075G ESD-Safe Miniature 50 Angulated SMT Cutter Extra Sharp Razor-Flush Cut Rubber Grips 38-22 AWG

Tronex 5075G
• Cut exceptionally fine wire up to 22 AWG
• Razor-Flush® Cut
• Extra Sharp
• Skinny® rubber handles

Durable, hardened steel tool has perfectly balanced, razor-sharp cutting edges. Razor-Flush® cutters, with cutting edges that come together like two razor blades, will cut wire or leads exceptionally flush without the "pinch" or beveled edge. The relieved design and small cutting head easily reaches into difficult-to-access areas yet has sufficient strength to avoid tip breakage when used within its capacity. Fine, set screw sttop prevents the tool from dulling even when strong force is applied. Make crisp cuts at the tip and all along the cutting edge. (Tool is shown with blue, cushion grips).

Recommended Applications
• Electronics

Tronex 5075 Features
• Razor-sharp cutting edges
• Exceptionally flush cut
• High-grade alloy steel for strength and durability
• Cut exceptionally fine wires in difficult-to-access areas
• Cut delicate component leads with less "shock"
• Precision ground for a sharper cutting edge and perfect alignment
• Fine, set screw keeps the cutting edge from dulling
• ESD safe
• (Skinny Grips®) red, anti static, rubber handles
• Non-protruding leaf spring will not "catch"
• Glare resistant, satin finish
• Resharpening available

Tronex 5075G Specifications
• Cutting capacity: exceptionally fine soft wire 38-22 AWG, 004" - .025" (0.1mm - 0.65mm)
• Cutter angle: 50°
• Angled Tip: .16" (4.1mm)
• Overall length: 5"
• Option: Longer, ergonomic handle 7" (Part No. 7075G)

Optional Longer-Length Handle: Tronex 7075G Ergonomic Cutter
• Identical to the 5075G Cutter
• Longer, ergonomic handles
• (Skinny Grips®) red, anti static, rubber handles
• Overall length: 7"
• Contact Concorde with your order / current pricing

Price $88.47