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Tronex P721 ESD-Safe Needle Nose Pliers | Long Handle

Tronex P721 ESD-Safe Needle Nose Pliers | Long Handle

Tronex P721
• Create precision loops of wire or leads
• Reach into difficult-to-access areas with ease
• Longer-length ergonomic cushion-grip handles

Extremely durable, hardened steel tool is ideal for electronic assembly and rework applications as well as fine jewelry work and repair. The cone shape can be used for precision loop forming of leads or wire. Rugged and precise, pliers feature a very fine tip, flat faced inner jaws and a bearing ring lap joint for superior performance extending the life of the tool. The long, thin nose, machined in thin half cones, can easily reach into difficult-to-access areas and the smooth jaws will hold an object firmly without damage.

Recommended Applications
• Electronics
• Jewelry Making

Tronex Specifications
• High-grade alloy steel for strength and durability
• Ideal for fine electronics work or jewelry making
• Thin profile
• Slightly rounded inner jaw edges
• Machined tool edges
• Ideal for "free forming" precision loops
ESD-safe (RTT Resistance: <1 x 1011 ohms tested per ANSI/ESD STM11.13 Two-Point Probe, resistance measurement for static dissipative materials)
• Handle Grips: Ergonomic longer-length, cushion, double sheathed
• Non-protruding leaf spring will not "catch"
• Hand-crafted, polished head

Tronex Specifications
• Tip diameter: .030" x .030"
• 5" overall length
• Option: Longer, ergonomic handle 7" (Part No. P721)

Price $61.00