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Tronex P751 ESD-Safe 60° Bent Nose Pliers | Fine Tips | Long Handle

Tronex P751 ESD-Safe 60 Bent Nose Pliers | Fine Tips | Long Handle

Tronex P751
• Alternative to tweezers
• Reach into difficult-to-access areas
• Longer-length ergonomic cushion-grip handles

Durable, hardened steel tool is ideal for electronic assembly applications as well as fine jewelry work and repair. Rugged and precise, pliers feature slightly rounded inner edges, a nice altrernative to tweezers, and a bearing ring lap joint for superior performance extending the life of the tool. The fine tips, long bent nose make it easy to each into difficult-to-access areas and the smooth jaws will hold an object firmly without damage. (Pliers are shown with blue, cushion grips).

Recommended Applications
• Electronics
• Jewelry Making

Tronex Features
• High-grade alloy steel for strength and durability
• Use in place of tweezers
• Grip small items firmly and without damage
• Bearing ring lap joint design
• Nose is bent at 60° angle
• Induction hardened tips
• Slightly rounded inner jaw edges
ESD-safe (RTT Resistance: <1 x 1011 ohms tested per ANSI/ESD STM11.13 Two-Point Probe, resistance measurement for static dissipative materials)
• Handle Grips: Ergonomic longer-length, cushion, double sheathed
• Non-protruding leaf spring never "catches"
• Polished, hand crafted finish

Tronex Specifications
• Nose length: .85" (21.6mm)
• Tip Width and diamater: .07" x .07" ( 1.8mm x 1.8mm)
• Overall Length: 6" (151 mm)

Price $68.00